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we love the Graphic design as you like

Pagephilia means: obsessive love for pages. But not only pages in blank, they are rich of contents and special designs that will help you as your first step to create your Editorial Design Projects. We want to offer you the best tools that allow you reach the top on your designs. Thats why we take care every detail in the creation of these products in order to give you the best experience in the customization process.

The editorial design is so wide and fascinating that we could talking about its different variations and options per hours, that´s why have spend so much effort and love to share with the world our creations.

Our compromise every week is satisfy our customers and make their life easiest offering creative solutions fresh and with excellent quality by means of the use of shapes, colors, texts and images.

In Pagephilia we understand your needed and make an effort to get the best results delivering products at time of easy customization and above everything they will help you to showcase your work from an easy way increasing the value of your brand.

In this page you will find a big variety of products related with the photography, styles, design, products, etc, such as: Magazines, Brochure, Catalogs, Albums and others, which are completely ready to print, seeking to ensure that were developed in multi-apps such as: InDesing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote, Page and others that allow to our customers can choose the item according to their preferences.


InDesign is the ideal application for Editorial Design, but...

For small publications like foldable designs, InDesign could be inconvenient, that is why we'll upload items compatibles with other applications as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Pages and Word, Plus: Keynote, PowerPoint and Sketch for digital publishing and presentations.

Beautiful desings

The perfect balance between a beautiful design and functionality

Find functional templates with beautiful and unique designs, choose from brochures, catalogs, magazines or any other graphic piece of your interest, Pagephilia is continually adding new items with designs based on the common requests from the customer.

MW InDesign Magazine Template by Ktyellow


Flexible licence system

We want to keep it simple by using a flexible license system which we call Standard, all purchased products can be used by the licensed user many times as they need en any project whether it is personal or commercial use. The only thing we forbid is the redistribution or resale.

Easy to use

Customize your templates quickly

This is our main priority: build easy to use templates by keeping the same ordering pattern, a same file structure between items, using text styles and symbols. We use tools and techniques that allows you to customize any template quickly in few steps


Standard formats

Ready to print

In Pagephilia our goal is to provide as much as possible products in standard formats which allow you to edit your projects more effectivety, allowing more efficiency, and specially save time and money.

Guide Magazine Template by ktyellow

Technical support

Hello, we want to hear from you!

We are always willing to listen, we will respond as quickly as we can, so tell us your ideas and concerns. This is our job and we are available to give you the support you need.

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